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Arc Angel® Putting Training Aid


Start Sinking More Putts!


  • Swing Plane
  • Pendulum
  • Arc Putter Path
  • Tempo


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Bamboo Tees Sample Pack Proven 7X STRONGER than hardwood tees

Frogger Arc Angel unleashes the sweet science within your putting stroke by utilizing what’s already in your bag. A consistent putting stroke is the key to sinking more putts. Arc Angel helps you practice your prefect putting stroke by establishing your swing plane and pendulum to deliver your perfect arc putting path.

Simply use any graphite shaft or alignment stick with Arc Angel to set up the ideal putting guide for any player, no matter your height, degree or angle of set up, or the type of putter style. Arc Angel will guide your putter shaft consistently on plane and on pendulum to deliver your ideal arc putter path.

Frogger Arc Angel sets up in seconds and fits in your golf bag, making quick practice at home or before rounds easy to reengage muscle memory for the confidence you need. Believe.



See Arc Angel in Action

Arc Angel establishes your swing plane, pendulum and arc putter path no matter your height, angle of address or putter type to start sinking more putts.

See Swing Hero in Action

Swing Hero allows you to exaggerate the lightest of grip pressure to free up your swing!

A fun look at Green Monsters testing results

We put Green Monsters tees to the test and proved them seven times stronger than leading hardwood tees.

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The HOP! repair tool is ultra-magnetic so the ball marker jumps on in your pocket. No more fiddling around.

See Amphibian Towel in Action

Amphibian Towel stays wet & dry rain or shine so you can clean your clubs like professional caddies do but without all the mess.

See BrushPro in Action

BrushPro features a retractable snap back cord, revolutionary combo bristles, 100% nylon bristles, a fold out groove cleaner and interchangeable/replaceable components.

Learn How to use Arc Angel

Arc Angel is small and light weight making storing in side pockets a breeze, sets up in seconds, and uses what is already in your bag!

Learn How to use Swing Hero

Swing Hero's stealth-like and light weight makes stores in bags easy and slides on clubs in seconds.

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Learn which Green Monsters tees are right for you and more.

Learn How to use HOP! Green Repair Tools

Learn proper ball mark repair, how the ball marker jumps on the tool and how to prop up clubs above wet grass to keep grips dry and proper storage in between rounds.

Learn How to use Amphibian Golf Towels

The highly versatile Amphibian Towel is easy to use and the best towel you can have, rain or shine.

Learn How to use Amphibian Ball Towels

Amphibian Ball Towels take keeps your golf balls clean on the green (along with your hands and clothes).

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BrushPro has a ton of great features, take a look on how to best use this amazing brush!

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BrushPro’s 2 in 1 Shoe Cleaner is another great reason to own a BrushPro. Check out how to clean shoes quick and easy.

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Frogger's Golf Cart Poncho is lightweight, compact and sets up in seconds on golf carts and packs away just the same; making it ideal for golfers on the move.

Get golfing tips from the Frogger Pros!

The innovative BrushPro keeps clubs clean and sharp like no other brush out there, putting the bite back in clubs for more backspin, more control and more distance.

Pro Tips, With Kris Moe

Fix Your Slice Tip. 

Frogger Golf Training Tips

Arc Angel Tip.  — Arc Angel establishes your swing plane, pendulum and arc putter path no matter your height, angle of address or putter type to start sinking more putts.

Pros only hit with clean clubs.

The Amphibian Tour Towel is the super-sized version of our Original Amphibian Towel.